Got some (clean) fan fiction that you want to share? What would happen if two (or more) beloved fictional worlds collided? Need to bounce some ideas off someone?

Sound off in the comments below, this is a makeshift forum.


5 thoughts on “Write

  1. Oh yes, I do have a crossover idea, although using such a term feels like it only diminishs the world a creator is try to create, no? Don’t creators feel that what they’re making would be too epic/cosmic to be be described with mere words sometimes?

    Well, in my mind, I’ve been trying to put together
    Fire Emblem Awakening,
    Xenoblade, and
    Corpse Party.

    Because all of these to some extent are about the future and fate, particularly averting bad ones.


  2. I’ve also been thinking of somehow uniting the worlds of TV series, books, and manga/anime that I kept up with/remembered fondly, those being:

    Walking Dead,
    Once Upon A Time,
    Agents of SHIELD/Agent Carter, and
    Legend of Korra;

    A Series of Unfortunate Events,
    The 39 Clues,
    Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus,
    Harry Potter, and
    Hunger Games;

    and the big three of anime/manga, as people say:
    One Piece,
    Bleach, and

    Not all together, just the ones in the same medium, mind you.


  3. Now that I’ve reminded myself, I can’t help but think of the epic worlds Disney, Pixar, DreamWorks and Studio Ghibli made, their music included.


  4. Now that I’ve seen even more games (and other things), I’d like to add four more to the three I’ve got above:

    To The Moon,
    Ace Attorney,
    Life is Strange, and
    (this one’s not a game, but an anime…) Puella Magi Madoka Magica…


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