Character snapshot: Wingman

Black Adidas jacket, big hoody. Apple earbuds and a cigarette between his fingers. He smiled almost maliciously, confident as all the ladies approached gang boy’s red, green and yellow bird as it preened its feathers on his knee.


Quiet Strength

Quick character sketch.

Physical description: He could disappear behind a streetlamp, he was so skinny. It was like his cells made him all long bones and forgot about the muscle. Boyish face, long nose, he looked good in a uniform. But those hard eyes were born for the military. You could tell he was strong despite his lanky heights, everybody kept their distance. Everything about him was rigid, his posture, his blinking, his silence. He tightened his jaw whenever he swallowed. There was a darkness about him… sadness? Remorse? His stillness betrayed the speed of his thoughts.

Inner Conflict: He isn’t the archetypal brute soldier, nor is he the zero-to-hero. He’s worked hard to get where he is, and his experiences were more than what he expected them to be. He knows what it’s like to be the victim and the bully. He knows his strength and the only way he can control his emotion is to bottle it up, leading to a complex, well-guarded inner life.

Scene: SOLDIER comes home, back from his tour. His WIFE is so happy to see him, but he doesn’t say much. She comes back with their newborn son; it’s the first time he’s laid eyes on the baby. He refuses to hold him. Ashamed of what he’s done to children abroad, he’s afraid of what he might do to his own son.

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