As you’ve probably figured out, there are ample reading opportunities out here, so I thought I’d flesh them out in a little more detail.

“The Light Within” is my blog where I can process the things I learn in life. There will be incorrect information up there occasionally, and my thoughts will probably change and mature over time. Or at least, one would hope.

“Thoughts” are just that. Not necessarily life “nuggets” nor part of any of the fictional narratives I’m developing. Basically tweets that were more than 140 characters.

“Go for the Quill” is my creative writing section with both prose and scripts. Some are serialized so be sure to like and keep up with the ones that left you hanging!

“Write” is a makeshift forum for readers and followers and friends to post their own creative content. Join in if you like, or go read up on what’s sure to be interesting material.


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