Unicorn’s Pursuit: Prologue

Long ago, when man lived with the all the beasts that lived upon the Earth, and cared for all that breathed under the sun, there was two of every living thing.

From his youth, man was instructed to watch over the beasts, tend to them, and name them. He did so faithfully, counting and naming. As he roamed, he encountered new friends. He built homes suited for them, and brought them to trees that bore good fruit, and rivers with clear waters.

There was peace in all the territories, so the man continued on his path, waiting for his path to cross with new creatures he had never seen before. Some were similar to old friends he’d already passed, others were unlike anything he could imagine. Some had tails, some had claws, some crawled, others walked. With every new creation he discovered on this journey he’d been on, he marvelled at the gift he’d been given. Indeed, the instructions all the creatures had been given were not only instructions, but gifts.

The horses were told to run swiftly through the fields, the lions were told to roar with all their might, the giraffes were told watch from the heights, the elephants were told to water the ground and trod upon the earth. As for the man, he was told to watch, and so he watched.

But one day, as he watched, a question came to mind. He had asked questions before, but none felt as terrible as this. “All the creatures have one like them, but why am I alone?”

In that lonely question, was a longing and a wish. The question would not leave his mind as he walked by the sea under the shade of the trees. No one had crossed his path today, so he sat, and watched, and waited. Still he found nothing, still the question would not leave.

As the day turned to night, and wakefulness turned to sleep, the longing remained and his wish became a dream.

When he awoke to the songs of the birds, and the sun rose above the waves. He heard a voice that he had never heard before, but that he recognized. It was a voice that resembled his own, but that was distinct from his. It was a beautiful voice.

When he opened his eyes, he saw a woman. One like him, but distinct and beautifully made. Placed at his side to help him in his work and build the world together, two as one. His question had been answered.

This is the first story of the man’s youth. He encountered many more creatures as he lived and roamed the earth, as did the woman. All that lived did as they were given, and they were fulfilled.

However, this familiar story isn’t about the man and his wife, but about a creature he encountered in his later years. He called it, the Unicorn.


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