Unicorn’s Pursuit: About

A collection of impulsively written short stories about the gifts and journeys of the healing unicorns.

Part fanfic, part creative exercise; part productive procrastination, part soul searching — these are the stories of the lives of some peculiar creatures of interest, as I would tell to 7-year-old me.




One thought on “Unicorn’s Pursuit: About

  1. Wonderful work as usual, Mel! 🙂

    A few thoughts then, after reading this:

    For the fanfic part of this story, there were elements of the Biblical creation story in there, weren’t there?

    For the soul searching part, I’m wondering if the “accepted but not known, loved but not understood” part is something you’re feeling towards others?

    And when I read “what is it that you would really like to do, what comes naturally to you?”, I’ve been thinking about my own shortcomings, like, I’m fearing that I’ve been lingering on this question for years, wondering when I can finally answer it, or if it will eventually be too late.

    And the last one – it seems the man did tell the name he thought up for the unicorn to it only, so perhaps we may be able to figure out what it was by searching through the text, context, actions, characteristics, and abilities of both characters, yeah?


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