Leap Year

Group Project 1.



Media: website.

“Intervention”: encouraging post-secondary students to take that time away from the comforts of home to go explore a whole new world (in a different part of our planet). The perspective it brings is worth it and typically critical for personal growth.

Easier said than done, I will admit. To hark back to earlier in the course, travelling during, just before or just after post-secondary requires and demonstrates privilege. It takes time, incredible budgeting, and a certain attitude to be able to travel like an explorer or adventurer or some such image.

Personally, I’m not sure I took much away that was new. Twitter and WordPress, though relatively new to me (I’ve only been using the latter for about three months), I was quite familiar with. I also know that travelling is one of the best experiences for students or new graduates, and is best done around this season of life. The only thing I have yet to do is actually go away and practice what I preach! I’ve only gone abroad for leisure or family vacations. I planned on doing a semester abroad, but my schedule declares it a forbidden love.

If anything, doing this project has renewed my conviction to travel after I graduate. Planning, budgeting, saving, is now a more real and more serious notion than it was when travelling was merely an ambitious dream. There’s still some of that — a lot of that — but I’m one step closer to making it a reality.

Maybe one way this project could have been extended, was to make a kickstarter or crowdfunding video. “Send us abroad!”

That route certainly wouldn’t be an uncommon one. Filmmakers, entrepreneurs and many others are using this kind of media to engage the online community with their creative products on an unprecedented scale. Once again, the internet is reshaping our way of life in big ways.


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