Mistaking Hunger for Fullness

I was never very good at eating healthy.

I got the family sweet tooth, and ever since my Mom’s cravings for croissants during her pregnancy I’ve loved carbs and butter.

Even knowing all the health problems I’m going to face eventually, you’d think doing everything I can to prevent or at least minimize these future problems would come easily. Or more importantly, the fact that the Bible tells us to take care of our bodies… and not just for our own sake, but because we are God’s image bearers. This body is a gift. Take care of it. Steward it.

And yet I come up with any excuse, any justification to abuse it in that sense.

But I wonder if this kind of diet goes beyond delicious and destructive food. Throughout Genesis, it seems that people get into a lot of trouble because of their appetites… they are more eager for the blessing than they are for its provider.

Am I loving food more than I’m loving God? I’d like to be able to say no, but my actions seem to speak otherwise.

Sometimes I’ll skip dinner because of a big lunch. I’d still be hungry, but I’d ignore it until it went away and then I could say I’m “full.” That is, full equals not hungry. It seems I’ve bought into the lie that hunger is bankable, and this isn’t limited to the physical, but spills into the spiritual as well.

Sin, like humanity’s first, is a delicious and destructive fruit enjoyed in rebellion.

There’s no prayer quota in number nor in length. There’s no Bible reading quota in number nor in length. By His grace, we have a relationship, not a scoreboard with God. Christ did all the work for us on the cross. Because of this, praying in the morning doesn’t justify ignoring God the rest of the day. Doing a week of comparatively intensive mission or ministry doesn’t justify laziness during a spiritually dry season.

Sometimes I’ll snack while I work late, or get the munchies when I’m watching TV. I feel the hunger, but I apply a temporary fix. In the same way, how often have I opted for the world’s way when God’s way would have satisfied. How long before I faint of hunger, how long before I get sick of the rubbish I keep stuffing myself with?

We are always hungry and thirsty for the Lord, but will I let the world convince me I’m full?



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