TCWT12 – Day 3: Seniors I

Re-post. Part 4 of 5


Not old people… well… oldER people… grade 10-12s!!!

Rinse, wash and repeat.

For the Senior Conference it was basically the same thing, except we had A LOT more time on our hands because we weren’t assigned to teams.

A few of us tried to get some sleep, but I certainly didn’t succeed. Raph was doing homework and Christine and Charis were doing some outstanding legit art, so I did the iPod on face thing 😛 I think it kinda annoyed people though so they gave me earphones LOL.

Haha everyone was taking the smack down pretty seriously, so after nap time, we started singing our rep in our room. Some of us went to workshops, others went to learn their parts on their own and then joined us all in B26.

I took a break and hang out with media for a bit with Raph. We chilled, I got to know some of them a bit better, until the rest of us next door started singing REALLY loud with harmonies and all (it was pretty darn awesome) so we all migrated again. We set up chairs in a circle, and we just worshipped. Eliot came in at some point and fixed us, Michelle SR did too 😀

Next thing we knew, it was 2 hours later, and media had to go for their rehearsal. We followed them (heehee) and watched them rehearse, and experience first hand what El and Lorr were talking about when they talked about media in our smack down.

Us music kids got to participate in their piece called MOBS to kind of fill in their mob and have more than just 10 people. It was… interesting… to be an angry member wanting to destroy God. It was REALLY hard not to laugh, but again, their coach James talked to us about the striving for excellence, and it was very beneficial observing media and how they work.

Maybe it’s because we can get away with blips in music that we’re very laid back and not a very serious bunch, but watching them and their “no tolerance for mistakes” was incredibly inspiring 😀

Christine Lee, the speaker for the Seniors was always a joy to be around, but to be honest, I was so tired I couldn’t really concentrate on the sermons… SO GOOD THING I TOOK NOTES hehe 😛 (from the powerpoint)

Everyone struggles with sin, and sometimes it’s the same sin from youth to maturity. What’s often the most personal is the most universal… you’d be surprised how many people can relate to your story 😀

Alright, sin. So what? Why do we need to be spiritually cleansed?
1. The peace in your heart (1 Peter 1:24)
2. Confidence in life (Jeremiah 29:11)
3. Victory over sin (1 Corinthians 15:57)
4. Wisdom of the Word
5. Eternal Life <- comes only through this cleansing

^Better is one day in your courts than thousands elsewhere (Psalm 84:10)

But above all, here are the MAJOR reasons for our continual need for spiritual cleansing:
1. The Glory of God
-Psalm 19:1
-Isaiah 43:6-7

-Psalm 17:15


God you are amazing… beyond description, there isn’t a word that best describes you in your entirety, in your perfect love, and holy presence.

At the beginning of each conference they played a call of worship video. It’s amazing how simple words, and soft music could do so much. I know for me both times I watched it, I couldn’t help but take slow deep breaths and just calm my heart, close my eyes, and smile…

I don’t remember the words exactly, and I hope it goes on YouTube, though I doubt it, but I wrote down my thoughts in my journal as it was playing.



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