TCWT12 – Day 2: Juniors II

Re-post. Part 3 of 5.


So after a long and tangent full debrief at Lorr’s (and more “Ryan/Thew moments” <- cheese, who knew these two quiet kids could be so funny?!) we went to bed, and some of us skipped on showering ’cause we’re cool, efficient, and eco-friendly like that.

The rest of the day, schedule-wise anyway was pretty much a repeat. With the exception of course that this was the junior’s last day of the conference and they were much more excited and into the games and open to sharing during interactions and lunch. Music-wise, both sessions were MUCH better but there was still so much to do… more about that later 😛

Ho-ming’s sermons were really good that day, although I think I connected with day 1 stuff more. Hence, it’s kinda fuzzy already and I don’t want to accidentally twist what he was saying. I think the evening sermon was about the Gospel though 🙂

Throughout the day we got to watch media rehearse a bit, which was REALLY awesome.

One of my favourite pieces that they did was Jar of Hearts. It was more of a dance, but the stage presence was incredible, personifying how we’re not strong enough. How sin just plays with us, and we waste our time trying to please it, trying to please our selfish desires. How also, that by Christ’s strength and purification sin is also conquerable 🙂

Heartbeat – Sure, we go to church every Sunday, we read the bible every night, say a quick “Jesus, thank you for the food, in your name we pray, Amen” before eating, but… what does it all mean? What is it all for ESPECIALLY if we’re cheating in school, we’re having unhealthy relationships, being disrespectful to our parents, and just not following Christ’s commands in general? What is it all for if you’re only a Christian on Sundays and Fridays? Our spirit, just like the body needs healthy food, or else it will die, your heart beating at a slower and quieter pulse every time we sin, bringing us closer and closer to a spiritual death. The only way to be revived is to be cleansed in God’s love and grace 🙂

Another piece, that might have been during Day 1, but I forgot to mention was Charcoal. It’s so easy for us to be tainted with sin, and yet it always happens so subtly. Gradually, we tarnish ourselves with selfish and evil desires, and we don’t even realize until we are downright filthy, and the only way to be white as snow once again, is through the Lamb who is worthy to be slain for our sake, Jesus Christ.

They also showed a video that they had filmed earlier (NEAR MY SCHOOL!! HAHA) called CRASH. It’s really hard sometimes to believe in a God when life comes crashing down and explodes in your face. It’s especially hard when, if you are finding it hard to believe in God, to see Christians always so happy and smiling when life explodes in their face. In this video, Matt rediscovers God’s peace and grace when Jesse is called home in a car accident through a letter he wrote to Matt just before he “died”. (Hopefully this goes up on YouTube, so I can post it… and everyone’s fine btw… just thought I’d put that.)

Another one of my favourites, which is already posted in the TC VIDEOS post, is called Time, reminding us of the importance of urgency to spread the Gospel, and to be ready for Christ’s return. (GO WATCH IT BELOW!)

This was actually taken during the Senior Conference, but it’s the same skit 😛

Wow so much happened, I totally forgot to mention the amazing opening they did that morning (or maybe the morning of day 1. GAHH!!)

Masters – We must keep watch and be diligent in seeking God DAILY and not be pulled away from God by our own selfish desires and by Satan’s lies.

This is all in terrible chronological order, but I guess my brain’s a little scattered at the moment 😛

So earlier in the day, we got a smack down from our coaches… haha the “talk before the big game”. It felt really weird, and not at all offending surprisingly, to finally get down to business and put the fooling around far aside for a little while. It was nice in a way (again, surprisingly) to hear all the things that we did wrong, and all the things that those mistakes might have affected. There was also a lot of alluding to media and their excellence on stage, and our lack thereof. Looking back, it should’ve hurt, but it didn’t… like, at all. I don’t know, I guess I just kind of went, OK. Let’s do this. I spent the next while before going on stage solidifying harmonies and lyrics, lying down with my iPod on my face (I didn’t bring my earphones ok! The speakers are really low on the iPod too 😦 ). On top of the smack down though, just before we went on stage, they also reminded us to just WORSHIP. We’ve got this, we rehearsed it 50 thousand times, just gotta get our heads in the game and not worry about the music… worry about your hearts. Are you POURING your heart and soul out to God? This was the Juniors’ last night of the Conference for the year, gotta make it one they’ll remember with God.

All in all, the smack down helped A LOT, and definitely added to the experience. As always there are things that could’ve gone better, but the response we got was amazing. At Ho-ming’s altar call, I had never seen so many people come up and praying and crying and worshipping. About half if not more came up praise God!!

We did a quick send off and once we kicked 600 kids out, we promptly made our way to Lorr’s house, prepping to do it ALL over again (rinse, wash, and repeat) for the Seniors, only better — I mean…




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