TCWT12 – Day 1: Juniors I

Re-post. Part 2 of 5. Recap vid here:

I think after getting settled and showering and all that, we (well the girls anyway) went to bed at around 2 am. Next thing we know, it’s 4 hours earlier… RISE AND SHINE!!! Some of us were up before then to shower… SO MANY OF US!!

Morning waking up things, breakfast (waffles and pop tarts :D) and away we went to RH3C. After a Tim’s run of course πŸ™‚ mmm French Vanilla…

On a side note, I later discovered the warming but refreshing peppermint tea. MY NEW TIM’S DEFAULT DRINK!

But yeah…

7:30 ish, we’re in the sanctuary setting up, sound checking, rehearsing for our FIRST SET OF THE CONFERENCE :O

When we were done we went downstairs had a mini debrief, calmed the few nerves we had and did Holy tingz πŸ˜› Oh and we drank our coffee πŸ˜€
Morning session went really smoothly, everyone was really excited and we stopped worrying about the music so much and just worshipped πŸ™‚ Ho-ming had a great message about idols and how we’re very protective of them in the treasure chest of our hearts. So many times we go to these empty wells for satisfaction, when God is there, and He’s ALL we need.
Media has been blessed yet again with so much talent and creativity. The skits and monologues this year were outstanding! The opening of course was our flashmob which was pretty fun. One of the other ones they did made you think a bit about why you’re at TC. For the hype? Your friends? Your parents signed you up and forced you to go? Or for God?Β Another skit they did that morning was called Vending Machine talking about the different gifts God has given us. Oh and they also did the rules video which was really funny πŸ˜› [to be posted later]
For junior we were assigned teams, so we went to our first interaction after that. (TEAM CORE!!!) My captains, Josh and Rebecca were awesome, as well as John and Kat our coaches. A lot of the other kids on my team were quiet ’cause they were younger and for some this was their first time at TC. We did the introductions and learned the team cheer which was actually really cool πŸ™‚ Soon it was time for lunch (yay subs!) so we headed upstairs, got a little bit rowdy (R-O-W… D-Y!) and ate. Near the end J-To did one of his spoken words which was really cool to watch. I forget now unfortunately what it was about 😦
After lunch was workshops. I forgot which one I had signed up for, so I just picked one and stayed there: Mormons and Bubble Tea. There was no bubble tea, but I did learn a bit about Mormons, their theology, the differences between it and Christianity even though they use the same terms, and what to do if you encounter a mormon. There were also some things that we can learn from mormons like their dedication and commitment and guarding their innocence. They spend 2 years doing missions work after high school before going to university. If Christians did that… how far would God’s kingdom be furthered? Also during those 2 years, they study their scripture every. single. day. Again, if Christians did that… would not our abilities to back up what we say be SO MUCH stronger?? They also wear “magic underwear” to not be revealing and to guard their innocence. While we don’t have to wear the thing, we can still be conscious of what we wear, the brands, the messages, the cut, etc. Because ultimately, people watch us and use us as examples. If Christians are wearing their jeans low or loose/low v-necks, definitely sends the wrong message. I think there were 8 things to do if you encountered a mormon, and I don’t remember them all, but the two that stuck out to me was: 1. Know your Bible and 2. Love them unconditionally.
Next was INTERACTION 2. Bible study on Hosea πŸ™‚ [Hosea, Hosea, your wife was such a playa] ANYWAYS…
Hosea 1:1-11 and Hosea 3:1-5
As described in the passage, this whole situation represented the sins of Israel. Gomer was married to Hosea but was a prostitute, loving other men. Israel was God’s chosen people, but they turned from Him and worshipped idols. Most people would say that Hosea had the right to be mad, and in the same way, God was mad. But in His love and mercy, He would reconcile the Israelites to Him and forgive them. So how have we cheated on God?
I left the Bible Study a bit early to go to the sanctuary to rehearse for the evening session… MY FIRST SET OF THE CONFERENCE!!!

We had dinner and soon we were up on stage!

The set went well, always things to improve, but I just sang for God. It was a little weird at first ’cause this was the icebreaker (haha testing the waters) but ultimately God was glorified πŸ˜€

Media did their pieces, one was called the Proposal which captivated the Hosea story using a conversation between bride and groom. Even though the bride was totally undeserving of the groom’s love, and even though it broke the groom’s heart to see her in such a state, he loved her all the same with all his heart. (Great skit Matt and Grace!)

One of my favourite pieces of the conference was called Screwtapes where people came before a religious looking guy, calling him Lord, with prayers. The one they called Lord used scripture to comfort them and teach them or condemn them, but taking it grotesquely out of context and taking love out of the equation. Finally when one of the girls, Agnes, came up and repented, wanting to change, the man said nothing, only shifting in his seat. Again, he used scripture to send her away. When she ran, he got up and turned to show his face. “Surely you mustn’t be surprised. For even Satan masquerades as an angel of light.”

Here’s an interesting pic during dinner after Jesse got his makeup on for that piece. Plus Gabe with his troll face πŸ˜€
Ho-ming’s next sermon was on the 3 ways we take towards God. Every human being has used at least one of these ways.
1. The RELIGIOUS way:
This is the way that some people take, doing things to get to God. Praying more, serving more, doing whatever it is to climb that ladder to get to God.
2. The REBELLIOUS way:
Saying no. My life is only controlled by me, myself, or I. I make my own rules, I do whatever I want, I will do it MY way, because only I know what’s best. I don’t need God.
It’s actually BOTH ways that don’t work. The first way, is like the Pharisees… all show no substance. You do all these things, climb the ladder, but what we don’t realize is that we fall short of God’s glory EVERY SINGLE TIME. No matter what we do can save us, because salvation comes not from works alone. The rebellious way is simply rejecting God, going the TOTAL opposite direction, which usually lands you in tons of trouble anyway.
Gabe (not the one in the picture) also known as Floodgates I think, shared his testimony how he was a Sunday Christian. Raised in a Christian home, but only good on Sundays. The rest of the week, he did his own thing getting into tons of trouble with the law, at home, at school, struggling with his identity, following the crowd, when he decided to find his identity in Jesus Christ. His heart was changed so radically that people noticed right away before even talking to him. Today, his passion to serve is pretty amazing to see and also how far someone can come with God’s strength.
Which brings us to the third way.
God didn’t make us into human doings, but human beings. We can’t do anything to get to God because of sin. Even if we climbed that ladder, it wouldn’t get us anywhere. No, the only way to God is by being redeemed, cleansed of the sin that separates us from God, through Jesus Christ. How? By admitting that you can’t do it alone, repenting, by accepting that you deserve death in Hell but Christ took your place and punishment and rose from the grave out of His undying LOVE for you. On Sunday we sang an old song during worship called Before the Throne of God Above, and the whole song I think captures what Christ has done for us, but this one part sticks out the most to me:
Because a sinless saviour died
My sinful soul is counted free
For God the just is satisfied
To look on Him and pardon me
To look on Him and pardon me
We went a little behind schedule (ermm half an hour… :/) but finally we went home debriefed, laughed A LOT and got side tracked but just talked about the stuff we’d learned, the things we need to improve on musically, etc. I think we went to bed at around… 1 ish? Anyway… Teen’s Conference Junior Day 1 πŸ˜€

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