What better way to start off my playlist category than with gut-wrenching, heart-fluttering, emotive music?

Give this a run through if:

  • You need some help slipping into daydream mode
  • You need to get a little emotional (for your story’s sake of course)
  • You want to relax but you want to be moved

*Subjectivity disclaimer always applies; this may do nothing for you.


4 thoughts on “Feels!

  1. Ah, sorry, I was trying to link one song from that list, not the entire thing – but oh well, there are some songs from it I can’t stop listening to right now…


  2. The others I’m listening to include Engage the Enemy, Unfinished Battle (which would probably go in your Epic catagory), Zanza, The God-Slaying Sword, Beyond the Sky (definitely feels similar to Laura Shigihara’s “Everything’s Alright” from To The Moon), Mechonis Field, and To The Last Battle…


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