Re-post. I remember building this. I also remember putting the backing on the front. Oops…

First off, this post is not going to be on manicures for the girls out there.

It’s going to be on IKEA furniture. Sorta. No jokes.

Anyway, I was assembling IKEA furniture earlier today, and I had to nail in the back of the last piece, but sometimes the nail would bend a bit and I had to take it out, and repeat. Then I realized, this is kinda what God does with us too. He has a plan, he’s drawn every single spot on the board where each nail should go. Carefully, he puts the nail in place and starts hammering. It hurts us, yes, but if we trust God, everything goes to plan. But when we decide to go our own way, we get so lost because we can’t see the big picture and God has to “hammer” us in again.

God knows what he’s doing, and we should trust him, even when it’s crazy. But he’s also patient with us, so don’t feel down on yourselves when he’s hammering, disciplining you and correcting you after you disagreed with him…



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