Re-post. So now that some time has passed from this incident, and I’m not sore from it anymore, here are a few more details about it.

My best friend and I, who had been playing next to each other for 4 years already, were practicing this flute duet (for fun) that was being featured in one the pieces we were playing that year. Our teacher/conductor heard us, and was inclined to give that duet to us, rather than the principal players.

At rehearsal, he had us two play, and then them two. Of course no one wanted to say who was better, and anything I say now is biased with whatever impressions I superimpose on my memory, but ultimately… it ended with Mr. Harrison asking if we were okay with not taking this one.

At the time, it was a big deal and an internal struggle and drama… mostly adolescent hormones, I’d say. At one point, I say that this opportunity to be featured was unlikely to come again. Little did I know, right after that incident, Mr. Harrison would encourage me to switch from playing a flute to an oboe. I did. It sounded terribly embarrassing at first, but by the time I reached my senior year, I had a solo in nearly every piece, and was praised for them. It was a fantastic way to end my high school band experience.

So not only did I learn a valuable life lesson, I got more than what I thought I’d given up.

As always, things work out in the end.

It’s human to regret a sacrifice.

Today, like any day, was long and routined. Nothing exciting, not too much to blog about. Until repertoire that is… then the day got more dramatic.

I won’t get into too much detail about what happened, but I learned something that I think is very important: sacrifice. That being said I will probably never know true sacrifice, but being part of this spoiled western society, it sure seems like a pretty big thing. I sacrificed something that I had been waiting for a long time to come around, an opportunity that is unlikely to come again. Oddly enough I’m not mad, or sad that I gave up something so willingly. Am I hurt? A little bit, but that doesn’t even matter. I am however disappointed in the people who are supposed to be leaders, who were very much involved in these events.

Anyway, this got me thinking: if I regret my sacrifice because of such disappointment, how did God feel when He sacrificed his only begotten son? Jesus sacrificed His life for us when we didn’t deserve it and what do we do? We take advantage of it, we mock it, we ignore it, we forget what we have because of it.

While I’m still a little upset about the past events, I’m glad that it has lead me to realize how much God has given us… I truly hope I don’t forget what that kind of disappointment feels like…



2 thoughts on “Duet

  1. It still hurts that I could have done so much more in high school, but I didn’t… I’m still struggling to take and make the most of opportunities even now…


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