God’s Canvas

Re-post. I wrote this while on a cruise ship.

A friend of mine once said that when she’s sad, she just goes out into nature, look at God’s creations and feels better almost instantly. I’ve never felt that way ’til now, and I wasn’t even sad!

Passing the most beautiful islands I have ever seen, it’s amazing once the realization sets in. God made all of this… It’s his canvas and He’s definitely gone all out and overboard.

Sparkling turquoise waters, bright blue skies with painted clouds, enormous mountains covered in green and in the centre of it all: the mighty volcano. There were cliffs and smaller pieces of land sticking up toward the sky, you know the ones that are so tempting to dive off of; it was the picturesque paradise.

Once we sailed out of the islands, it was just the sky and the waves in sight. The sun’s reflection over the waves, making it sparkle endlessly. Just those simple things are just so beautiful… The blue horizon stretching out with endless possibilities.

I think water is one of the most beautiful thing God has created. I mean, even oceans obey God more often than we do. Water is healthy (it’s what most of our bodies are made of anyway), it’s elegant, graceful, unique, unpredictable, it sparkles, we literally can’t live without it, it covers most of the earth and even though it’s teeny compared to space, I think it has just as many mysteries which make it even more amazing. Imagine all the creatures in the ocean… A lot of them might as well be from a different planet. Land, man has pretty much taken over, but there will always be more to learn. The sky, man has learned to fly. Space, man has been there but don’t really know how to go farther. But the ocean… It’s been around for who knows how many years and man has explored only 5% of it. I mean, we look for other places to take over in space in case we destroy our planet. But here’s an idea: stop destroying the planet! That way we won’t have to worry about that kind of thing. Even if we discovered another livable planet, we would probably end up destroying it too eventually. But we search high and low for lots of stuff up there, but there’s a whole lot to discover right next to us, beyond the beach, beyond the horizon, into the beautiful ocean. Where I am right now the waters are beautiful and clean. Where I was a few days ago, the water was green and/or brown. And then don’t forget the gulf of Mexico which was full of oil, maybe still is. Come on, I know most of you have heard that Eco stuff about saving the planet for future generations and we’re all saying to ourselves, nah it won’t happen soon, there’s plenty of time left, besides I’m too lazy or tired or stressed to worry about the environment right now. I was there too. But seriously people, you will see for yourselves that there are so many things worth saving. It’s God’s canvas, it’s meant to be perfect.


Okay, so it’s two days after I actually wrote this post, but I saw this gorgeous sunset and I couldn’t resist but to put it in here. It was so picturesque and beautiful I thought I had jumped into a postcard!

Sailing across blue waves, a flaming sun blazed near the horizon with gradient rainbow clouds that swirled in the sky. A golden reflection on the surface made it sparkle and the calm breeze cooling the humid air. As the sun lowered itself over the picturesque island silhouette, a small dark speck of a ship sat on the distant horizon. The sunset was fast, lasting less than an hour (or that’s what it felt like anyway) turning from a mellow orange to bright red, finally disappearing behind the black island where a light mist swirled. The sky gradually became darker from a beautiful blue to a rainbow gradient to a rosy pink and lilac to a darker blue and turquoise with hints of orange and finally settling down to a calm charcoal sky… Until the stars popped into to view by the thousands. With no light pollution on the ocean, you could see everything by the bright starlight and the white moonlight… To me it was a little glimpse of heaven.



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