Re-post from July 2010…

John 1:5 says “And the light shines on in the darkness, but the darkness has not mastered it.”

It’s funny how God works. We’re always asking for “proof.” We always say, if You do this, then we’ll believe how awesome You are. But we always keep asking… I mean whatever happened to “don’t test the Lord your God?” (Sorry don’t know the verse on the top of my head, but it’s somewhere in Matthew I think).

Anyway, because God knows us inside out and in between, he does certain things for us despite all that.

But yeah, going back to the title Light. I was just thinking of the verse above about light, then my iPod, which was on shuffle, started playing the hit song on Tenth Avenue North’s album The Light Meets the Dark. My sister shouted “look at the lights!!” Like I said, kinda cool and funny and weird at how God works. So I thought, why not talk about light on a blog entitled The Light Within??

Well, light. What is light? Is it an element (as in earth, air, water, etc.)? It helps us see, it creates rainbows, it’s on the street, it’s in space, it’s EVERYWHERE! But what is it to us? How can we make it special? I think there’s a light of sorts within us, that God put in there. But what are we supposed to do with it? Stare at it like flies, or put it to good use? I was flipping through a book called “Beyond Jabez” by Bruce Wilkinson and it talked about expanding one’s territory just like in Jabez’s prayer (found in 1 Chronicles 4). At first I thought it was all about actual territory and physical belongings, but as I was reading in Wilkinson’s book, I realized that, why would God want us to want have stuff that we may want and not actually need? No, what territory meant was people. The number of people whose lives can be changed for the better by God, through you.

But back to light. (if you haven’t figured it out by now, I am easily distracted :P) So, what if God put a light in us for a reason? Well, be a lighthouse. Use that light inside of you to call people home throughout the darkness of this world.

Okay, so that’s the inside light, but what about the outside light? Surely that’s special too. Well, of course it is… It literally keeps everything alive with the power of the sun. But how can that help us spiritually? Well, you never know how God will work in your life but it will always be extraordinary and will be so personal in a special way. It will seem like no big deal to others, but for some reason it triggers something.

I used to sit in a parking lot under a tree every morning when I was a kid and look up at the sun through the leaves. (I know, horrible for the eyes) You know how if you look at the sun then look away, there are like dark purple-ish or sometimes green-ish spots in front of your eyes? (If you don’t, good because that means your eyes are fine and you’re no as crazy as I am) well, almost every day when I looked up at that sun, those splotches would form distinct shapes of a sword, a key and the cross. The sword for the bible and truth. The key for Jesus and the way. The cross for God and the life.



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