This is my first re-post… throwback from 2010! It’s amazing to see how I’ve grown, how my writing has grown, and how my voice (of writing) has changed.

I don’t remember finding this excerpt. Reading that post, it really feels like it was a different person’s, and in some ways it was. Either way, I really enjoy this excerpt, especially because it feels like I’m reading it for the first time.

I can count as many scars as successes on the journey to my Dream. The way of the Dreamer is difficult– but anything less is hardly living at all! In fact, I’ve discovered that it’s the only way you and I can find true fulfillment and become all that God created us to be.

The Dream Giver p. 70-1

I call dreams gateways to different worlds. It seems impossible to travel across worlds right? Instead of going there, bring it here. Make your dreams come true…

For the dreamers out there, never give up. The road will be bumpy but it makes the smooth parts a whole lot smoother. Pursue your dream and if the going gets tough, just remember that God has a plan for you, a plan and purpose and he’ll always be by your side, ready to catch you if you fall and providing for you when you ask… And sometimes when you don’t.



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